This Surprising Item Is
More Valuable Than Gold In A Crisis...

Frank BatesHey there, my name is Frank Bates, and in the next few minutes you’re going to discover the surprising item that is more valuable than gold in a crisis.

What I’m about to tell you could literally make the difference between life and death in a crisis for you and your family. As you know, some serious events are about to hit the US. The shocking truth is that 97% of Americans don’t have the 1 critical item that’s actually more valuable than gold in the coming crisis. So stick with me for the next few minutes, you’ll be glad you did.

Have you noticed that catastrophic events seem to be happening more and more often, and yet...


Our government seems completely incapable
of handling them effectively!

Think about it. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to millions and disrupted the distribution of food and essential supplies in one of the most heavily populated areas of the country, and they’re saying it could take months for recovery.

In fact, within days of the storm, WNBC caught footage of desperate New Yorkers “Dumpster Diving” -- pulling food out of dumpsters -- because they were so hungry. Check out this shocking video:

View more videos at:

In 2011 after the tsunami in Japan, over 300,000 people were evacuated to camps where some died.  Survivors lined up for blocks outside of 7-11s and grocery stores for a scrap of food.

Japan tsunamiAnd of course you remember the horrible days after Hurricane Katrina in 2004. Stores closed, there was looting everywhere and thousands of people ended up at FEMA shelters begging for food and water.

You and I both know that most Americans can’t see the writing on the wall about the disaster that’s waiting for them right around the corner. The government tells them that everything is fine and that there’s no need to worry…and they actually buy it, hook, line and sinker. They assume the basic necessities of survival will always be right there waiting for them with a quick swipe of a credit card. They’re like deer stuck in the headlights, trusting an inept and corrupt federal government to take care of them and doing nothing to protect themselves or their families. Well, I wasn’t going to be one of them.


I knew that if a disaster came our way I needed to focus on the thing that would be absolutely critical to our survival…

Corn CropsOur food supply.

And I’m not just talking about an emergency stockpile. I knew what was coming, and I wanted food security and peace of mind for the long term.

Consider this:

Jeremy Grantham, an expert analyst, wrote a letter to his investors warning that the looming U.S. food price increase in 2013 is just the beginning.

Higher U.S. food prices are the last thing the country needs with the government driving our economy off a cliff, but Americans need to understand that there is more at stake.

GraphThe long summer drought in 2012, which impacted 65% of the states in the U.S. and increased prices to record highs, is just a mild preview of what will happen as wheat and corn crop shortages escalate in severity. 

As Grantham warned, "Any price increase from here may cause social collapse and a wave of immigration on a scale never before experienced in peacetime. Another doubling in grain prices would be catastrophic." 

Other experts are also sounding the warning. A contributing editor at Newsweek, David Frum, put it even more bluntly:


“Hungry people are angry people, and angry people bring governments down.”

Hungry PeopleBut as usual, the folks in charge are asleep at the wheel. In fact, they’re making it worse. Washington is currently paying big money to the huge farming companies to produce corn for the government’s “environmentally friendly” ethanol program (never mind that corn ethanol delivers only a tiny reduction in greenhouse gases compared to regular gasoline!). So naturally “Big Food” growers are switching their fields from other food crops to corn…why not? The government’s paying for it! So the price of all other food crops is going up…and up and up.

The cold hard truth is that our food supply chain is completely outdated, not to mention incredibly vulnerable to terrorist attacks and natural disasters… and no one in the government even seems to care!

It scares me to think what would happen on their watch if a real disaster presented itself.

TornadoUnless something dramatically changes, the global food crisis is only going to get worse and worse.

And as food prices continue to rise, will we start to see more food riots erupt all over the world as starving populations demand answers from their governments?

What is going to happen if we have a string of really bad natural disasters like Katrina and Sandy and so many others… or God forbid if things get worse?

What is going to happen if the economy continues to tank… and we experience an even worse global economic collapse?


Who is going to decide who eats and who doesn't?

Shelf BareLet me tell you, I was sick and tired of lying awake at night, imagining myself racing to the store after a crisis hit, only to be faced with row after row of completely empty shelves and having to break the news to my family that I wasn’t going to be bringing home any food.

Now I’m an independent, proud American…and I’m not ashamed of it.

Trust me when I say I wasn’t about to rely on the government or some big company to bail me out if the going gets tough. No way.

ProudThe way I see it, you’ve got two options for handling the looming “food crisis.” You can sit by as the stores start price gouging, making desperate consumers pay astronomical prices for basic necessities. You can take your chances with big government & FEMA when the food shortages start, or you can take your survival into your own hands. Now I prefer the second choice, and I know you will too.


So let me tell you what I did to make sure my family has what we need to survive every single day…

I dug in and started researching, and boy did I read and hear a lot of different opinions!

This isn’t just about picking the right canned foods in the grocery store and sticking them in your basement. Having an emergency stockpile of canned goods is definitely a great idea, but doing that is NOT a long-term plan for survival. I discovered that the safer, cheaper, and far more nutritious solution was to be prepared to grow my own food if I had to.

survival seedsImagine a disaster or social chaos hitting your area. It’s a bona fide crisis. The frightened hordes clear out the grocery stores in hours and people get more and more desperate.

But now imagine how you would feel if you could step out your back door and have abundance of fresh, delicious food just waiting for you? Or open your pantry door on a cold winter day and see row after row of colorful jars of fruits and vegetables, preserved at the peak of freshness? Imagine that when the rest of the country is scrambling to stockpile tasteless processed food and fighting each other over the last can of soggy vegetables, you could be plucking delicious, fresh, heirloom fruits and vegetables right from your own survival garden.

That’s what I want for my family, and I bet you do too.


That’s when I discovered a “dead simple” solution that gave me complete peace of mind that I would always be able feed my family… no matter what happens.

SeedlingIt’s called a seed vault.

A seed vault is a special secure collection of heirloom, non-genetically modified seeds that can provide you and your family with healthy, fresh food for years to come, regardless of what catastrophic events may happen.

These are NOT ordinary seeds… these are super seeds that have been chosen for their truly extraordinary germination rates. With these super seeds, you can grow thousands of pounds of nutrient dense food in almost any location in the United States... and harvest the seeds again and again so you can feed your family forever, unlike the genetically-modified “Franken-seeds” sold nowadays by most companies!

So what the heck are genetically modified seeds anyway?

When seeds are genetically modified, they can be grown faster and in larger quantities, lining the pockets of the big corporate fat cats that could care less about you and your family’s health. That’s why some people call ‘em “Franken-seeds”… they’re lab experiments gone bad.

Because whether you know it or not…

Genetically Modified SeedsOur government is quietly approving all kinds of genetically modified seeds that in some cases can include deadly chemicals. Look at just 1 recent example:

Dow Agrosciences convinced the USDA to allow a new genetically modified corn seed engineered to withstand heavy sprayings of the herbicide 2,4-d, an ingredient in agent orange, the toxic compound used to defoliate forests and croplands during the Vietnam War. Yikes!

As Mark Kastel from the Cornucopia Institute said recently: 

"President Obama and Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack just sent a clear message to the American public that they do not care about our concerns with genetically engineered food and their questionable safety, adverse environmental impacts, and detrimental effects on farmers.”

When I heard this I became even more determined to get seeds that have remained in their truest state, as God intended.

It took a lot of time and effort, but I finally put together my own seed vault. I painstakingly researched the best seed varieties, optimal growing conditions, and how to make sure I would be able to harvest seeds from my survival garden year after year. I developed a simple yet super-effective storage system that would provide long-term protection for my precious cache of seeds so I could have complete peace of mind about my family’s food supply.


Well, when my friends and extended family got wind of what I was doing, they practically beat down my door to find out how I did it.

It turns out there are a lot of folks out there with the same concerns I had, but they just didn’t have any idea where to start! Gradening

  • “Can I really feed my family from a garden if I have to?”
  • “How do I know the seeds will grow where I live?”
  • “How to do I plant and harvest them? I don’t have a ‘green thumb!”
  • “How do I know my seeds will be safe year after year?”

The truth is most people are woefully unprepared for ANY disruption in the food supply (notice how bread and milk disappear from stores as soon as there is a hint of heavy rain or snow in the forecast?). I didn’t want that for my family, and I don’t want it for you.

So that’s why I decided to take what I had learned and create the “done for you” Liberty Seed Vault!

I found a premium heirloom seed provider who sources our seeds from top quality, hard-working farmers located right here in the USA. These farmers are folks just like you and me who believe that true freedom comes from self-reliance.


Here’s what you’ll get…

Inside the Liberty Seed Vault, you’ll get more than 5,640 survival seeds from 22 varieties of hardy & delicious heirloom plants passed down from our forefathers. These seeds come sealed in sturdy foil packets packed in an airtight metal storage container rated for 5+ years of storage at 75 degrees (longer at cooler temperatures), giving you and your family long-term protection in case of disaster or a food crisis. 

There are no genetically modified seeds or outdated seeds in the Liberty Seed Vault. Each vault can produce thousands of pounds of nutrient-dense food for pennies per pound. Enough to feed you and family forever!

Seed Vault
Inside the Liberty Seed Vault, you’ll get more than 5,640 survival seeds from 22 varieties
of hardy & delicious heirloom plants passed down from our forefathers.

These are open pollinated seeds that can be grown, harvested & replanted endlessly, so you never have to worry about your seed supply running out. You can achieve true food independence by harvesting seeds from your own heirloom plants!

You’ll also get an easy and clear set of planting instructions plus a seed harvesting guide. This contains all the step-by-step instructions you need for planting and harvesting – taking all the guesswork out and giving you full peace of mind.

Want to see what seeds are included?

TomatoesOnly the most nutritious, best tasting foods… but more importantly, food that will help your family survive. Foods like beans, bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, cabbage, beats, peas, tomatoes, broccoli, squash, spinach, onions, corn, cantaloupe, cauliflower, zucchini, watermelon… and more.

These seeds have been specifically selected to be grown practically anywhere in America and have the ability to assimilate mineral and trace elements from the soil that genetically modified plants just don't seem to have. 

Check out all the included seeds... From blue lake bush bean to beefsteak tomato, to crimson sweet watermelon and much more...

Survival Seeds
CheckBlue Lake Bush Bean - over 150 seeds
CheckCalifornia Wonder Bell Pepper - over 70 seeds
CheckMarketmore Cucumber - over 150 seeds
CheckScarlet Nantes Carrot - over 800 seeds
CheckParris Island Cos Romaine Lettuce - over 900 seeds
CheckGolden Acre Cabbage - over 530 seeds
CheckDetroit Dark Red Beet - over 260 seeds
CheckLincoln Shell Sweat Pea - over 100 seeds
CheckBeefsteak Tomato - over 180 seeds
CheckChampion Radish - over 320 seeds
CheckGreen Sprouting Broccoli - over 500 seeds
CheckWaltham Butternut Winter Squash - over 100 seeds
CheckBloomsdale Long Standing Spinach - over 260 seeds
CheckYellow Sweet Spanish Onion - over 145 seeds
CheckBlack Turtle Bean – over 70 seeds
CheckStowell's Evergreen Sweet Corn - over 250 seeds
CheckHales Best Cantaloupe - over 70 seeds
CheckSnowball Cauliflower - over 285 seeds
CheckBlack Beauty Zucchini - over 50 seeds
CheckCrimson Sweet Watermelon - over 60 seeds
CheckDwarf Blue Curled Scotch Kale - over 250 seeds
CheckPinto Bean - over 85 seeds

Remember, if you think food is expensive now, imagine what it’s going to be like when the crisis hits… stores will shut down, farmers won’t be able to feed their livestock, urban mobs will riot. Food will be incredibly valuable. Look at what happened in Germany after World War One, when a pound of bread cost 3 BILLION marks!

Many experts see the US heading in the same direction, and if so these super seeds will be worth much more than their weight in gold.

Now, you’re probably wondering how much this food security and independence costs…

I’ll tell you the price in just a second, but before I do… 


I Want To Tell You About 4 Free Bonus Gifts That I Will Flat-Out Give You To Make This Offer A Complete “No-Brainer”…

Free bonus #1: More Valuable Than Gold? Why You Need Survival Seeds – once you finish reading this report, you will see why you should care more about seeds than gold. After all, in times of food crisis, you can’t eat gold!

Free bonus #2: The Survival Guide To Canning And Preserving. Canning is a great way to ensure your family can enjoy your survival garden’s bounty during the winter. You’ll get our 36-page manual detailing how to can & store food along with over 30 canning recipes.

Free bonus #3: Survival Garden Guide. We cover everything from outdoor gardens to indoor gardens, freezing & long-term storage. Learn how to turn your garden into an abundance of fresh and healthy food for your family’s future food supply when crisis & disaster strikes.

Free bonus #4: Top 10 Items Sold Out After Crisis – this guide is a “must have”… you’ll not only learn the 10 items you absolutely need to hoard, but you will learn how to store them, get the most from their nutrition, as well as what foods not to stockpile and why.

Four Bonus Items

You get the Liberty Seed Vault to protect your family’s food supply for years to come, and you’ll get instant and immediate access to:

• The More Valuable Than Gold? Why You Need Survival Seeds Report
• The Survival Food Canning & Preserving Guide
• The Survival Garden Guide
• The Top 10 Items Sold Out After Crisis Report

Some companies charge well over $200.00 for seeds that are nowhere near the quality of what you’re getting. Not to mention the 4 FREE bonuses that you won’t find anywhere else…and that will put you and your family in the best position to survive any food crisis.

But you won’t pay $200.00 for the Liberty Seed Vault (even though it’s definitely worth that much)…

And you won’t pay even $100.00, which would still be a good deal.

You will get it all today for only $67.

Yes… just $67!

That’s nearly 70% off the normal price, but I want any patriot to be able to experience the peace of mind of real food independence, without breaking the bank. In fact at this special sale price you’re getting the Liberty Seed Vault at just 1 penny per heirloom seed… wow!

Order Now

Get FREE shipping when you order now!

Free ShippingAnd if you claim your Liberty Seed Vault right now, I will also give you FREE shipping, just to say thank you for putting your trust in us by being a customer.

Everybody loves free shipping, and I want to flat-out give it to you to make this a complete no-brainer.

(But please note that unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of governmental red tape, I can only ship to people who live in the United States & Canada.)

Seed Vault
If you claim your Liberty Seed Vault right now, I will also give you FREE shipping, just to say
thank you for putting your trust in us by being a customer.

I want you to feel 100% confident
about investing in the Liberty Seed Vault.

So just to show you how serious I am, I’m offering an outrageous double guarantee!

Guarantee #1: this is a 100% money back guarantee. No questions asked. If for any reason, you’re not satisfied with the Liberty Seed Vault, just return it within 60 days of purchase and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. You can have your money back for any reason or no reason whatsoever.

So there’s absolutely no risk for you. You literally can’t lose!

Guarantee #2: this is an unheard of 300% money back guarantee. In addition to guarantee #1. 

Liberty Seed VaultSimply invest a little time and effort to use your seed vault...grow your survival garden using my seeds and instructions. If it doesn’t yield a bountiful garden of nutrient-dense food, plus seed stock you can harvest again & again.

Simply tell me what you did & show me photos of your garden, and I’ll triple your money back! Some of my friends said I was crazy to offer this double guarantee, but to be honest I’m not really worried about it, because I am so confident you’re going to see the value in the seed vault as soon as you have it in your hands. 

The truly amazing thing is, whether you plant the seeds from your vault right away and soon are harvesting hundreds of pounds of nutrient-dense food, or if you choose to store your seed vault in a safe place in the event of a crisis, you can still sleep at night knowing your food supply is secure, no matter what. It’s so easy, and you win either way!

Don’t miss out on your chance….

Now, the last thing that I need to tell you is that I have a limited number of seed vaults… in fact, I’ve got just under 250 seed vaults on hand and I don’t know how long I’ll them available.

So I urge you, get real food independence & security now, and click on the “Add To Cart” button you see below.

You’ll be so glad you did. This is about peace of mind, knowing that you and your family are well protected in the case of food shortages and natural disasters.

Click on the “Add To Cart” button below, and get your Liberty Seed Vault now… and then rest assured knowing that you will be able to feed your family well into the future no matter what happens.

To claim your Liberty Seed Vault at the special sale price of just a penny per seed, plus get the 4 FREE bonuses before they’re all gone, click the big “Add To Cart” button below.

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